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A web of yes.

via Kindra I thought these two were related: I’ve learned that the web has countless ways to say “no,” or to say “meh.” It has fewer ways to say “yes.” Readability looks like a way to say “yes” to people … Continue reading

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Savory jams.

You could say it all started last winter when, in preparation for being cooped up for days, I decided to make a meatloaf recipe that called for soffritto. I learned what it was and how to make it for this … Continue reading

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Not much else.

…certain brands, and bands, can so glammer the market that a mere 10 percent share is nothing short of ubiquitous. Apple is that good, Radiohead is, and not much else. The Apple Of Rock While I don’t buy the build-up … Continue reading

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In the kitchen.

Back from Houston, with a foundational chunk of literature review written and a substantial amount remaining this evening. In the meantime, I’d like to believe that on the other side of this kitchen is a refrigerator that would give Christina … Continue reading

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Yes, that is a gnome in my duffle bag, and I am happy to see you.

We are visiting Christina’s family in Houston to ring in the new year. I am carrying a gnome from Georgetown in my duffle bag, a gift for her folks she picked out. It has a G on its hat. The … Continue reading

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He’s using Windows.


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I fell in love once and it was completely.

via This Isn’t Happiness I watched the White Stripes in concert at the El Rey in 2002. It was game 6 or 7 of the Lakers-Kings series. Mikey, Eric, and I waited outside the venue before doors, listening to passers-by … Continue reading

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What is internet, anyway?

I came across this video on YouTube, a company that started as a website that hosted short videos, bought for upwards of $700 billion by another company whose revenue is largely generated through advertising on a web search engine. And … Continue reading

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A way of taking a good idea.

America has a way of taking a good idea, mass-producing it to the point of profound mediocrity, then losing our sense of where the idea comes from. Michael Ruhlman, quoted in the Times This is from an article about pepperoni … Continue reading

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Traces of interfaces.

It’s hard to appreciate the variety of UIs though, since turning the screen off removes virtually all evidence of them. To spotlight these differences, I looked at the only fragments that remain from using an app: fingerprints. Remnants of a … Continue reading

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A short history of production.

Magenta (Stencil duplicator, 1880) Cyan (Spirit duplicator, 1923) Black (Laser printer, 1969) Yellow (Inkjet printer, 1976) Just in Time, or A Short History of Production by Xavier Antin (via Kottke) Clever concept, beautifully executed.

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