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On the visual arts

Fire escapes.

I love that fire escapes is a complete sentence.

Turtles all the way down.

Last Saturday, Christina and I watched a reading of “Manahatta” by Mary Kathryn Nagle at the Public as part of their New Work Now! 2013 series. It’s a delightfully arch production, structured as a series of scenes between two time … Continue reading

The world’s most prolific street photography collective.

Jon Rafman’s 9 eyes curates the work of the world’s most prolific street photography collective. via Evan Sharp

Artisanal GIFs.

With broadband connections and high-definition YouTube and Hulu clips as prevalent as they are, why do people want to watch these relatively grainy, endlessly looping little videos? Part of the answer is that animated GIFs—soundless, coarsely textured, and powerless to … Continue reading

Urban light.

Why did I only now learn this existed? It’s on my itinerary next time I’m in Los Angeles. (via GOOD)